Our easy to use software makes it affordable for you to create your own Estate Plan (Trust, Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney):

  • Leaving the greatest amount of your estate to your intended beneficiaries
  • Leaving specific items to specific people
  • Designating guardians or establishing trusts for minor children
  • Planning for incapacity
  • Paying the least amount of taxes
  • Avoiding or minimizing the probate process

Our software is downloaded to your computer and you alone have access to your private information. Therefore, when you purchase and use My Trust and Will software all of your private information will remain private and you need not share with anyone:

  • Never worry about your private information being accessible to others on the internet
  • Your information will only be saved on your own computer
  • When you print, sign your documents and complete the “TO DO LIST” you will protect your private information from the scrutiny, issues and expenses of the probate courts

Download Software + 10 Simple Steps + Print your Estate Plan = Peace of Mind

Typical Fees for Trust and Wills

For an Estate Plan which consists of the Trust, Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney (documents created in our software) attorney prices range from approximately $700 to $3000. Online sites often begin around $250.

Do It Yourself at a Reasonable Price

We have developed a do-it-yourself document creation software that you can download and create your own Trust and Wills for $65.95.

Create Peace of Mind

Trusts provide a simple way to preserve your hard earned assets to those of your choice in a private manner and keeps your heirs out of the probate court system. Having an estate plan in place creates peace of mind.

Documents in this Estate Plan

Wills.  You appoint guardians for your children, if needed, not the state. You also direct that all of your assets are poured into your trust for distribution.

Trust.  A trust is a legal entity that is controlled by you.  The advantages of a trust include the following:

  1. It holds title to your assets, thereby avoiding probate courts with their costs and delays.
  2. It preserves each spouse’s $5,340,000 estate tax exemption.
  3. It can manage your estate if you become disabled.
  4. It protects your privacy because you do not have to expose your assets to the public scrutiny of the probate courts.
  5. It can manage the assets of minor or incapacitated heirs.

Durable Powers of Attorney.  You appoint an agent to sign legal and financial documents for you if you become incapacitated.


Special Needs Children

Within this Trust, if you have a special needs child, we have created the ability to include a Special Needs Trust which holds a portion of your special needs child’s inheritance in a Trust which is managed for their well-being by the Successor Trustees of your Trust but is never in the child’s control.

Created with the assistance of Estate Planning attorney James R. Baker

James R. Baker is an Estate Planning Attorney with over 35 years of experience. Mr. Baker consulted on the creation of this software and allowed for the use of his estate planning documents which have been used for over ten thousand clients over the course of his career. Admitted to the State Bar of Utah in 1978, Mr. Baker has focused his practice on estate planning including wills and trusts and has worked on several national estate planning campaigns.